2004 - 2016 in Kansas City

R.I.P. Pure Gaming Satisfaction

Bob Iliff

BobCon is named for Robert "Bob, Lord of Evil" Iliff. Bob is a gamer known to many in the Kansas City and Quincy gaming communities. If you've gamed at Tabletop in the last ten years, odds are you've played with Bob. If you've attended QuinCon in the last 20 years, odds are you've played with Bob. Board Game Geek Con or GenCon? You get the idea. Bob was the League Coordinator for the original releases of Highlander: The Card Game in 1995 and 1996. He is the nexus between several midwestern gamer circles, a consumate board game enthusiast and role-player, a beloved friend to many, dedicated husband and father.

The first BobCon was held in Bob's house in 2004 when our yearly trip to Egyptian Campaign had to be canceled. The next best thing? Have a big, three-day gaming house party for our extended gaming family! Everyone who came had to run a game of their choosing. People brought games, food, and came and left as they needed. An amazing and seminal event for all involved. Everyone wanted more!

But why the name BobCon? Because our friend Ken Whitman had held his very own inaugeral vanity con the year prior. If Ken's con could be named KenCon, then by golly our con could be named BobCon! The name was initially suggested by Brad Kelley and it has stuck ever since, despite Bob insisting on changing that name each year.

The next year saw BobCon moved to a large home owner's associate clubhouse near I-29 and Barry Road. Events expanded to include special interest forums, cooking contests, and all manner of gaming under the sun. By 2009 the effort that Bob was putting into the convention had become too much, and so in 2010 a steering committee (the BobCon Council) was formed to run the show.

Bob finally gets to attend the convention as a mere attendee with no responsibility. And once again, like so many times before, he wins. =)