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It Begins!

Last year's convention is behind us and now we begin preparations for BobCon 2010. Overall, BobCon 2009 went well but there are several areas in which improvements could be made. With that in mind the BobCon Council has been born. The BobCon Council consists of seven dedicated men and women who have volunteered to take on key roles in order to make future BobCons even more... wait for it... AWESOME!

Learn all about the Council, their vision for 2010, our new auctions, fundraising efforts, and social media outlets...

BobCon Council

Let's introduce your 2010 Council:

  • Bob Iliff – Communications Director, the voice of BobCon in emails, tweats, blogs, etc.
  • Janet Iliff – Treasurer, the keeper of gold and counter of the beans
  • Dan Justice – Secretary, taskmaster and historian
  • Brad Kelley – Website Coordinator,
  • Marshall Pelot – Sponsorship Coordinator, in charge of acquiring donations, soliciting ads, etc.
  • David Phillips – Events Coordinator, the scheduler of events (the basis for BobCon)
  • Brad Warriner – Executive Director, who prefers the title Supreme Leader, who is the man in charge

Be sure to thanks these fine people next time you pass them on the street. Their efforts will make BobCon better than ever.


Surveys were sent out after the completion of last year's convention to help us assess how we did and what direction the BobCon attendees saw for our future. We had a disappointing amount of responses (a heartfelt thanks to all of you who did fill out the survey and send it in), but from those surveys that we did receive we were able to create a roadmap for the future.

Several of the key points that came from this were:

  • Keeping BobCon a grassroots convention
  • Making BobCon financially viable
  • Increasing our event offerings

The first point should be easy, as we can continue as we always have — the attendees inviting those people we feel will fit into the group. It helps keep us an intimate convention. The third point should also be fairly easy, especially since we now have a dedicated person who will concentrate on soliciting events from you, the attendees. Lastly, in order for BobCon to remain an annual event we need to ensure that it becomes financially viable, not by burdening the attendees with high entry prices or event fees but through fundraising, corporate donations/sponsorships and ad sales. With these goals in mind, the Council has already begun the process for making BobCon 2010 a success.


The Council has several fundraising events planned for the months preceding this year's convention. The most immediate one is the BobCon Auctions. Originally it was planned to be a blind auction to the BobCon community of games, services and materials donated from stores, game companies and members. But why limit the scope to just us (and our pocketbooks)? The BobCon Auctions will be posting to eBay. We will inform the community of the items as they are launched so that you not only have the opportunity to acquire these wonderful goods, but so that you can help to support the convention through bidding, feedback, etc. Our official username on eBay will be bobconauctions, so be sure to add us to your favorites list and keep on eye on our items. We are launching our first auction this weekend, but you will receive an specific email about it shortly.

Another fundraising opportunity we plan on pursuing is the running of several single-day tournaments. These tournaments will have an entry fee but will also boast other offerings, like food and beverages being provided for an Axis & Allies tournament or cash prizes for Texas Hold'em. More information will be provided on each tournament as they are scheduled.

Social Networking

Just to be on the cutting edge, BobCon now has both a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account. We also hope to update the BobCon website to allow us to blog. There isn't much happening on these social sites yet, but one never knows. Follow us or become a fan to help support BobCon. It does ad legitimacy to our organization, which helps us to acquire sponsorships, donations and sell ads to businesses and game companies.

Wrap Up

We, the BobCon Staff, would like to thank all of you for your support. You are we we do this! We hope to make this year's BobCon better than ever before and ask for your help, and indulgence, in making this happen. Whether it be through support, participation or just good word of mouth (tell your local stores you'd love to see them support BobCon), anything you do helps make BobCon a reality. Thank you, again.

And just in case you didn't note this year's header, BobCon 2010 is set for October 1, 2 & 3. Mark your calendars now! We want to see everyone there this year.

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