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We've posted the BobCon 2014 Kickstarter video at YouTube. Check it out below and share!


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Great rewards and stretch goals await!

Funded with KickstarterOnce more, BobCon 2014 is being held October 24-26, 2014 at The Coves Clubhouse in Kansas City. And this time we're trying to gather the needed funds up front with Kickstarter! If the fundraising goes well, we'll have a ton of great rewards and stretch goals, including special games run by our old friend and gaming industry luminary Lester Smith!

Kickstarter takes a cut of the revenue, so this is something of a gamble on our part. The hope is that folks will not only pre-purchase admission, but will also spend a little more on the incentives. We're also betting Kickstarter's viral effect will bring in a few more attendees this year (but not too many).

Watch for details and a link on Tuesday! The Kickstarter will run through noon, July 31st.

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BobCon 2014Mark your calendars... BobCon 2014 is scheduled for October 24-26! The doors will open at noon Friday and close at 6pm Sunday. By popular demand the event will once again be held at The Coves Clubhouse in North Kansas City! Watch for more information throughout the year!

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BobCon 2013Another BobCon has come and gone. We reconnected with old friends, met some new ones, and once again attendees declare it a success! Check out some photos of the event over at our Facebook page. Some of the highlights included:

  • Billy Littlepage's "Fiasco" game
  • Bill Boldt's "We Be Goblins" RPG for kids
  • Friday Night Wine Tasting and Balderdash
  • Brad Warriner's massive "Google Docs Dungeon Delve"
  • The Farmers Market Cook-Off and Judging Dinner
  • Apple Cider to Apple Cider (Apples to Apples while drinking hot apple cider)
  • Sunday Morning Political Roundtable with donuts and coffee
  • Honesty Jar for soda and snacks
  • Tons of pickup games from the Game Library
  • Kids hide and seek and video game extravaganza
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Less than one week until BobCon 2013!

October 25 - 27

BobCon 2013Event Submission Closed

Event submission has officially closed. If you have a new event to submit, or a change to a previously submitted event, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our event coordinator.

Event Registration Closing Tuesday Night

There's still a couple of days to sign up for events! Registration closes Tuesday night at 11:59 p.m. Head on over to sign up for events today!

Pathfinder Society Game Update

One of Friday night's marquee events, Pathfinder Society's "In Service to Lore," still needs players. If there aren't at least four players by close of registration on Tuesday night the event will not run. So if you have interest in roleplaying Friday night, sign up now!

Important Food Policy Announcements

Kitchen Closed Saturday
The BobCon kitchen will be closed for an event during most of the day Saturday. There will be an open lunch hour available for everyone to use the kitchen as they need. Before and after that, many of the food items for snacking will be relocated outside the kitchen, near the beverage coolers in the mudroom. Thank you for helping the Cook-Off participants as they work their magic! Note: All BobCon attendees are once again invited to participate in the Farmer's Market Cook-Off judging (e.g. dinner) Saturday night at no cost. The price for free dinner is no kitchen during the day. ;)

Honesty Jars
Many BobCon participants bring potluck meals... giant pots of chili, meatballs, and similar food items to share with others. With increased numbers of attendees, these meals are not stretching as far as in years past. This year we are introducing an "honesty jar." If you eat a meal made by others, and didn't bring a meal to share yourself, please contribute to the honesty jar (a couple of bucks for a bowl of chili, etc.). At the end of the weekend, BobCon staff will divide these funds among the individuals who provided meals. Thank you for participating and keeping this tradition sustainable. Note: This does not include simple snacks like bags of chips, which we encourage all participants to bring and share freely. Cooking and heating appliances are available, if you decide to bring your own meals, and a quesadilla maker will be on hand for those who choose to bring items to create quesadillas. 

We've had trouble in recent years where folks would bring a case of drinks for themselves, put the case in the fridge, and all their drinks would magically disappear. This year, feel free to bring your own beverages, in your own iced coolers/containers, but there will be no room in the refrigerator for them (exceptions aside). Note: Beverages will be available for purchase from coolers just outside the clubhouse kitchen. Canned drinks will cost 50 cents each, collected in a nearby honesty jar.

Registration 101

photo-schedule-260There are a few key things everyone should know about Registration. Hopefully these will help you jump into some of the cool events we have available this year.

  • Create an account once – Once you create an account (and click the link on the confirmation email to activate), you are good to go – for years to come. Please make a note of your account information.
  • You should register for your own event – unless you are not planning to play (i.e. your are the GM for an RPG or you are teaching).
  • Don't hesitate to be an alternate – if a board game fills up and we have another copy, a second game can be run. Plus, sometimes people are just unable to play in a game they are registered for.
  • Modify your schedule – you can add or drop events all the way up until October 22, the Tuesday before BobCon. This allows us time to produce a chart showing who is signed up for what. You an always change your schedule at the convention.

Relax, Socialize and Have Fun

photo-fun-260BobCon is about getting together with friends and having a good time. THAT IS ITS PURPOSE. We know that everyone's schedule is hectic. There are kid's sporting events/tournaments, school activities, weddings, etc. We hold BobCon because many of us simply cannot take the time to go off to a convention. This is local (for most) and laid back. It gives us an opportunity to see friends. Please consider coming even if it is only for one evening during your busy weekend. After a long day at a sports tournament, it might be nice to relax with friends. We definitely want to see you. And do NOT feel that money is an issue, we will not turn away anyone if they can't pay or it just doen't make sense for them to (they are coming by to socialize). WE WANT YOU THERE!

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