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BobCon 2010 DragonTime is Upon Us

BobCon is only a month away, so it is time to get the Convention Machine fired up. This email will be a bit long since we need to touch on several topics, but the ones in the following weeks should be shorter and more focused. And yes, in these last four weeks there will be a plethora of correspondence (updates, reminders, announcements, etc.). We appreciate you're interest in BobCon and want to keep you as informed as possible.

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BobCon Events

THE most important aspect of BobCon is the events. Whether they be RPGs, card games, board games or non-gaming social activities, the events are what bring us together. Well, the Events Page is now live and is populated with over three-dozen opportunities for fun and excitement.

Our event coordinator, Dave Phillips, has scoured the globe to come up with these wonderful events (many of you have spoke with him and have agreed to sponsor an event).  But what you see listed isn't the final schedule – you can submit even more events. Run an adventure in your favorite role-playing system or simply make sure there is a game of <insert favorite game here> on the schedule. This convention is about playing the games you want to play. Check out the BobCon Game Library to see what we have available if you need any ideas.

The deadline for submitting events is September 12.

And just to give you an idea of a few of the great events we already have lined-up:

  • Red Moon Medicine Show is back again this year hosting two new events
  • Return of the Bad Batch is Jon Spinner's follow-up to his popular, cookie-centric RPG
  • Jyhad/VtES is a con favorite and this year we have prize support from White Wolf, so embrace you inner vampire and join the Struggle
  • The Farmer's Market Cook-off is another BobCon staple and should be a crowd pleaser again this year

RSVP, Registration and Sign-ups

Along with the Events Page, the RSVP form is also live today. Whether you are able to attend this year's convention or not, we ask you take a minute to fill it out. It helps us to know how many attendees we can expect. It also important to know why those of you who are unable attend this year can't, so we can make every effort to make future BobCons as accessible as possible (just use the "comments" section).

Now that the events are posted you might ask, "When can I sign up so that I don't miss out on getting into Candyland?" The Event Sign-up form should go live September 13, the day after the events are finalized. A reminder will be sent out that weekend, too.

As far as registration for this year's convention, the initial RSVP is all we need. We were hoping to be able to avoid charging admission through the various fundraisers we've had this year, but we fell short of our target goal. In the spirit of making BobCon affordable to all, we were able to keep admission to a minimum: the cost is only $5 per day or $10 for the whole weekend. Since this is half of the price of last year's cost there is no discount for paying early – but you can use the donation button on the Website to go ahead and get your payment out of the way. We are also happy to accept any additional donations if you feel BobCon is worth it. We will have an official accounting of expenses after the Con is over, but it looks like we will not recoup our operating costs this year (unless we have a big turnout for the Poker Tournament on September 18).

Out of Town Guests

It looks like we will have several out-of-town attendees again this year. It is great to have enough interest in BobCon to be able to draw from outside the local area. This year we tried to arrange for some hotel discounts but hit a big snag ­– BobCon weekend is also NASCAR Weekend at the Kansas Speedway. That means the local hotels are full and prices are at a premium. Some of you may have already booked your room. Awesome! If you haven't, then please give me a call and we'll get housing arranged (Bob's cell 913-669-5768). We have many options and no one will be left out in the cold (nor have to pay ridiculous prices). The sooner I hear from you, the better.

BobCon Merchandise

Finally, the BobCon CaféPress Store has been updated with our 2010 items. You can simply click the Shop button from our site or go to http://www.cafepress.com/bobcon/ to get the gear you need and show your support for BobCon. We do not make much off of these items but every little bit helps. Plus, you'll just look cool!

That is all for now. We look forward to having a great BobCon and hope you are, too.

--The BobCon Staff

p.s. Be sure to send in your RSVP today!