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Games and Food!

Bring Some Games and Food to Share with Others

BobCon has long been a casual potluck of games and food. Folks bring a favored game to play with others and often bring along some food to share as well.

Make sure and bring one or more games to share. There will be lots of board and card games, but that's because folks bring them to share. The BobCon core library consists of some old chestnuts like Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Dixit, etc. The great variety of game selection comes from attendees like you! 

There will be some con-funded lunchmeat, PB&J, bread, snacks and drinks for sale via our storied "BobCon Honor Jar" and there will be some paper plates, forks, etc. There is a microwave, sink, and full fridge for our use, and we will also have at least one large cooler for ice. But anything you'd like to contribute is appreciated (more staples, condiments, napkins, forks, etc). And if you have a special dish, we'd love to try it out!

There are also a ton of great restaurants nearby, including the famous Rosedale BBQ, and about a hundred fantastic Mexican restaurants nearby on Southwest Boulevard. There is also an Applebee's attached to the venue.

Note: BobCon is a labor of love run by volunteers. Please consider supporting BobCon with a SponsorPatron, or even King of the Con reward level.

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Other Details

When: April 22-24; doors open at 11am Fri, and 9am Sat and Sun.

Where: Oak Tree Inn, Kansas City

Questions: 816-529-3096 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head on over and get your passes and check out the event chart for scheduled events.