2004 - 2016 in Kansas City

R.I.P. Pure Gaming Satisfaction

BobCon 2016 April 22-14, 2016

BobCon 2016: The Return of BobCon

At long last we are pleased to announce the return of BobCon! Three days of pure tabletop gaming satisfaction in a low-key, family-friendly environment. Come, play games, and share with others! For the uninitiated, BobCon is a small annual gaming convention held in Kansas City each year. It's more of a gamer's retreat: no vendors, limited seating, and a very limited entry fee.

When: April 22-24

Where: Oak Tree Inn, Kansas City

Other details will be forthcoming soon, but put us on your calendar, pack your meeples, and get ready to game! Watch for announcements here, Facebook, Twitter, or join our mailing list today!

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