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This update's been a long time coming, and I have spoken to many of you personally in the months since BobCon 2014. But not all of you. Due to a number of factors, namely no longer having easy access to the location we've been at for years, and other commitments this Fall, we are moving BobCon to Spring 2016, currently targeting the weekend of April 22-24. This puts us past tax season and Spring Break, and the weather should be great. Many old timers will recall that BobCon started in the Spring and moved to Fall after several years.

So in a way this is a return to roots. In other ways its a new beginning. We're looking for a new venue, so keep your eyes open. The new location needs to be homey, if possible, with a kitchen, and plenty of room to game and congregate but also room for kids to romp around and do their thing. This may take us to a union hall, it may take us to a private residence, it may take us to a community center, it may take us to a campground or lodge. We don't know, and until our duties are finished with  Midwest GameFest in November we won't have much time to think about it. So if you're interested in helping out, shoot us a message below or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Did You Say Midwest GameFest? What is That?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Midwest GameFest is new 4-day annual tabletop game convention being held at the fabulous Overland Park Convention Center this November 12-15th. We're helping with the organization and planning of the event, and this seems like a great place to let some good folks know about it who may not have heard!

Midwest GameFest

Check out the Kickstarter and consider backing, sharing, or both! Backer levels start at just $1 and range all the way to main hall naming rights at $1000. It's a brand new event with lots of room to grow, but it won't happen without support from tabletop gamers like you! No pressure, right?

» Back the Kickstarter!

You can get complete details on the event at the MWGF website, along with the latest news. If you're on Facebook you can check out the Facebook page, and if you're on Twitter you can follow MWGF for the latest updates.

If you're a BobCon gamer, consider attending Midwest GameFest. If you're a game creator, consider exhibiting at Midwest GameFest. If you're a BobCon sponsor, consider  sponsoringMidwest GameFest. And if you're concerned about costs, we have lots of volunteer and host/GM opportunities.

If you're an industry insider and would like to be a special guest, shoot us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hope to see you there!

--Brad and the BobCon gang