2004 - 2016 in Kansas City

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Event Submission Deadline is Friday

Thinking of running a scheduled event this year? Get it submitted soon because event submission shuts down this Friday at midnight!

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The Early Birds Got Their Worm. Now Get Yours!

Wow, the early birds really gobbled up the worms, but there are still lots of events available. Slots are filling up fast, though, so if you haven't done so already, head on over to our Warhorn site and sign up to play events!

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Note: Each attendee needs to register with a separate Warhorn account if they intend to sign up for games. This means spouses and kids will need their own Warhorn account to sign up for events.

Some Other Awesome Events are Lined Up

In addition to innumerable pickup and scheduled board and card games, here is just of a taste of what we will have this year. Check out the Event List for the current offerings.

  • Friday Night Wine Tasting – Back again! What a great way to start the convention.
  • Farmer's Market Cook-Off – A BobCon tradition. Show off those chef skills you learned from the Food Network and let the attendees crown the top chef. Some new twists this year!
  • Sunday Morning Roundtable – Another BobCon tradition continues with Sunday morning coffee, donuts, and solving the world's problems.
  • Against the Dark Yogi – Become legendary heroes of Indian myth, empowered by the cosmic force dharma, and charged with defending the Three Worlds from the machinations of the Dark Yogi. 
  • Disease Du Jour – Captain Joy takes you to a small town that is exposed to a dangerous pathogen. Things go all "Steven King" and no one makes it out alive. Or do they?
  • Call of Cthulhu - Billy Littlepage returns from the wilds of Kentucky with strange tales of the past and future. Hold on to your sanity!
  • Shadowrun – Brad Kelley takes your team on another simple, uncomplicated mission where everything goes according to plan and nothing could possibly go wrong.
  • D&D for Kids – Kids first, but adults are also welcomed as we explore the Lost Mine of Phandelver, the introductory adventure for D&D 5e. An instant classic!
  • Jyhad/Vampire – Rumor has it there will be an ad hoc game. We dare not schedule it lest it cease to exist... again. Beginners are welcomed (and encouraged). 
  • Midnight Mythos Mayhem – Another ad hoc game rumor. Resident planeswalker Bob Iliff takes you into the mouth of madness once more with this wonderful Cthulhu-themed card game. Beginners are welcomed (and encouraged).

Shout Out

Check out the latest Kickstarter from our Patron-level sponsor d20 Entertainment:Castles & Crusade: Blacktooth Ridge! Based on the RPG Castles & Crusades, this fantasy TV pilot focuses on a retired knight who solves crimes for kings and noblemen.

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Special thanks to our friends and Patron-level sponsors d20 Entertainment. You may know them as the creators of the Brothers Barbarian web series, the Knights of the Dinner Table live action series, based on Jolly Blackburn's timeless gamer comic series, or the recently funded Spinward Traveller, based on Mark Miller's classic space role-playing game Traveller. d20 Entertainment is gamer culture, for gamers, by gamers.