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Early Birds, Gets Your Worms!

Early bird registration is now available over at the BobCon 2014 Warhorn site. Anyone who backed at the $30 or higher level qualifies! Head on over to our Warhorn site to register and sign up to play events.

» Signup to Play

Once you've registered, we'll verify that you qualify for early bird access. You'll get an email from Warhorn.net telling you that we've done this. Then you can sign up to play events!

Non-Early Bird Registration

Event signup for normal folks begins September 28. If you register and don't qualify for early bird access, don't worry… we'll shoot you an email next week letting you know your time has come. =)

GMs Take Note

If you're a GM, make sure and click the GM button, located to the right of your event's title (see example below). This will give you access to Warhorn's GM information about your event.


Our Patron

D20 Entertainment

Special thanks to our friends and Patron-level sponsors d20 Entertainment. You may know them as the creators of the Brothers Barbarian web series, the Knights of the Dinner Table live action series, based on Jolly Blackburn's timeless gamer comic series, or the recently funded Spinward Traveller, based on Mark Miller's classic space role-playing game Traveller. d20 Entertainment is gamer culture, for gamers, by gamers.