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Event Submission ScreenWake the kids and phone the neighbors… BobCon 2014 is now accepting event submissions! Get yours added to the schedule today!

Everyone who is attending is highly encouraged to submit an event to play! Its a BobCon tradition like we like keep going from year to year. You don't have to submit an event just to come, but its good etiquette!

» Submit Your Events Now!

Submitting Multiple Events

You can easily submit multiple events. When you're done with one event, just click the button on the resulting page to submit another. Once we receive your submission we'll check through it, get it added to Warhorn, and let you know its been added. Once pre-registration is open you'll need to login at Warhorn, view the event list, and set yourself as the GM.

New Pre-REgistration System

We'll be using Warhorn.net for event registration this year, retiring our old home-grown system (RIP) in favor of a more widely used system. We'll post more about Warhorn as the time nears, but you can check out the BobCon 2014 Warhorn site if you are curious. There are currently only a few events in place, but the list will grow as folks get their event submissions in.

Early Bird Signups

Early bird signups begin September 21 for Kickstarter backers who pledged at the $30 level or above, and normal signups begin a week later on September 28. Look for announcements as those dates approach!