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Another Amazing Week!

Hey everyone! BobCon 2014's Kickstarter is at the halfway point, and while we have tentatively met our initial funding goal, we still have a way to go for any stretch goals. So if you haven't already, please head on over and support the Kickstarter!

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Pledge Level Questions

Funded with KickstarterSome people have had questions about how the Kickstarter funding works, especially the stretch goals. Many reward levels include special backer rewards that only become available if a certain stretch goal is reached (e.g. t-shirts, our commemorative BobCon board game, etc.). These reward levels involve a hard cost for us, and so we can't commit to the reward until a critical mass of funding is secured and the reward level is unlocked.

If you'd love a t-shirt, but don't want to pledge that much money until the t-shirt stretch goal is unlocked, then just pledge at a normal level. You can adjust your pledge at any time. So if the t-shirt level is unlocked later (which we would announce via an update) then you can increase your pledge and select the t-shirt reward level. Simple! So head on over and pledge your support today.

d20 Entertainment

Patron-Level Sponsor: d20 Entertainment

I'd like to introduce you to our highest contributing backer, at the Patron level, d20 Entertainment. You may know them as the creators of the Brothers Barbarian web series, the Knights of the Dinner Table live action series, based on Jolly Blackburn's timeless gamer comic series, or the recently funded Spinward Traveller, based on Mark Miller's classic space role-playing game Traveller. d20 Entertainment is gamer culture, for gamers, by gamers. As a Patron-level sponsor, d20 Entertainment will feature prominently in all our marketing material, from event signage to emails and website banner ads. Send them a warm welcome and a hearty thank you! And, of course, don't forget to check our their various projects and Kickstarters!

Great Progress!

As of right now, exactly halfway through the Kickstarter process, we are sitting at $856 pledged our of $800 goal. Which is great! But to secure proper funding and unlock our stretch goals we need to keep spreading the word and talking to friends who may be interested. The good news is we still have nearly two weeks left!

Funding Progress

We've had backers from all over the country, some finding us from Twitter, some from Kickstarter, others from word of mouth. So please keep spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other channels that you use.


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Explaining BobCon to Your Friends

If someone hasn't been to BobCon before, it can be hard to explain. We've put another video together to hopefully paint a clearer picture for first timers. Check it out and please share!