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Hey everyone! For those who don't know, BobCon 2014 is being held October 24-26 and our Kickstarter launched a week ago today. This is our only fundraiser this year, and our target is $800 with stretch goals above and beyond that. If you plan on attending but haven't become a supporter yet, please head on over now and help fund the fun!

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If the fundraising goes well, we'll have a ton of great rewards and stretch goals, including special games run by our old friend and gaming industry luminary Lester Smith! Speaking of which, check out Lester's CORE RPG Kickstarter. Tons of great reward options that you will LOVE, and he'll be running it at BobCon this fall.


Great Progress!

This first week we've made some amazing progress. As of right now, exactly one week since launch, we are setting at $595 pledged out of our $800 goal. The chart below shows our pledge growth over the last week, and as you can see, we still have a way to go. There's a plateau after the initial launch and we are smack dab in the middle of it. The good news is we still have several weeks left!


And folks are coming in from some unexpected places. We've had backers from all over the country, some finding us from Twitter, some from Kickstarter, others from word of mouth. So please keep spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other channels that you use. We all want BobCon 2014 to be the best one ever, and after pledging, spreading the word is the single best thing we can do.


Get Started!

Why are you still reading this? Head on over and pledge your support, then share with friends and family. Don't assume someone knows about the Kickstarter… ensure they know about it by telling them! =)

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