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2013 St. Patty's Day WinnersThe BobCon St. Patty's Day Texas Hold'em tournament was again a success!

We had 8 players and brought in $110 for BobCon ($200 in buy-ins and 2 re-buys for $230, minus the $120 payout). We had a great time playing with old friends, and all played around a single large table this time. This year 10,000 in chips were available at the beginning, and because of this rebuys also garnered 10,000 more chips. The final four where Terry Eldred, Jeff Gilbert, Bob Iliff, and Brad Kelley. In the end Terry's calm and collected playing style carried the day for first place, with Bob Iliff coming in second, followed by Jeff Gilbert third.

Once again, the level of play is getting better. Rebuys are again down, as folks are staying in longer than usual before losing their stash. This is a good thing, though, as everyone wins when the calibre of players is higher.

Our next tournament will be this summer, probably in August or September again since BobCon is in October.

And thanks to everyone who participated... you help make BobCon happen!

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