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BobCon 2012Four weeks until BobCon 2012 – October 26-28!

Event Registration  is live and ready for you to begin making your schedule and signing up for the events in which you want to participate! There is still time to Submit an Event in order to make sure the games you want to play are offered. It is easy to do and BobCon will be the better for it.

The Event Schedule is Live

The initial 2012 Event Schedule is now online and ready for your planning perusal. Our event coordinator, Dave Phillips, has done another great job of lining up events for the weekend. But the list isn’t final – we can always use more events. That is where you come in! Run an adventure in your favorite role-playing system or simply make sure there is a game of <insert favorite game here> on the schedule. This convention is about playing the games you want to play. Check out the BobCon Game Library to see what we have available if you need any ideas. You can Submit Events right now! Event submission will be taken through October 12, but don’t wait.

Register a User Name

In order to sign up for events, each attendee will need to login to the site. The first time you do so, you will need to register for a user name. If you signed up last year your information will still be there. Once you do, you will be sent an email with a link to follow in order to validate your new user name (this keeps the bots out). Once that is done, you are ready to load up your schedule. The great thing this new systems does is keep all of your event choices readily available. That way if you login later to add or change an event, your current choices are already pre-populated.

Don't Miss Out

Most of the events have limits on the number of players it can support. Register early so you do not get left out of the games you really want to play. Alternates will be taken, of course, just in case someone doesn't show or gets delayed in another event. We will also try to run a second table if we have enough players and additional copies of the game. But don't take the chance – Register NOW! Remember, you can always add to your Event List later.

Some Awesome Events are Lined Up

Here are just of a taste of what we will have this year. Check out the Event List for the current offerings.

  • Pathfinder Society – Seth Brummond of the Pathfinder Society will be on hand this year running a ton of events to get you emersed in Paizo's Pathfinder. Get found with the Pathfinder Society!
  • DGS Games Demos – DGS Games, a great local game company, will be on hand to show their awesome miniatures and demo their skirmishes system. Come out and see what all the buzz is about!
  • The Friday Night Wine Tasting is back again. What a great way to start the convention.
  • Jyhad/Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Card Game – Resident antideluvian Joe Austion will provide pre-built decks, so have no fear! Beginners are welcome (and encouraged).
  • Midnight Mythos Mayhem – Enter the mouth of madness once more with this wonderful Cthulhu-themed card game. Resident planeswalker Bob Iliff is providing cards, and beinners are encouraged! Hold on to your sanity! 
  • Farmer's Market Cook-Off – Another BobCon tradition. Show off those chef skills you learned from the Food Network and let the attendees crown the top chef.
  • BobCon Clue – Someone has killed Bob! And they're still at the convention! It's up to six stalwart BobCon regulars to figure out who dunnit. This is the classic boardgame Clue customized for BobCon. Did you know there's a secret passage from the kitchen to the basement? Come see if it was Professor Justice with the Wine Bottle in the Study. You've lived the con, now play the game!

We are getting excited and hope you are too!

--The BobCon Staff