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2012 St. Patty's Day Tournament WinnerWe had 12 players and brought in $225 for BobCon ($300 in buy-ins and 7 re-buys for $105, minus the $180 payout). We had some new faces, Chris Dudding and Tim Nadon, both of which played very well – Tim winning the tournament. The final six were Tim Nadon, Bob Iliff (me), Jeff Gilbert, John Carlton, Dave Phillips and Chris Dudding.

One of the tables had five of the rebuys, which gave the players who advanced a lot of extra chips compared to the other table. Even so, their were three from each table in the final six – which is pretty good.

In the end it Tim Nadon who carried the day! Congratulations, Tim! And thanks to everyone who participated... you help make BobCon happen!