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BobCon 2011 Wrap-UpBobCon 2011 was a great success! Feedback from attendees was very positive, and many great games were played. Many thanks to AEG, Rio Grande, Mayfair, and White Wolf! Each provided product for the con, and several of those games were well-received by attendees. Our fundraising efforts enabled us to cover the costs of holding the convention once again.

Event Highlights

  • Thunderstone & Nightfall
    Thunderstone made an appearance last year, and came back strong again, along with a new game, Nightfall. Both are deck-building games from AEG, and players enjoyed them.
  • Roleplaying
    Jon Spinner and Brad Warriner combined to run a D&D event with about a dozen players, and players enjoyed the scenario so much they were talking about it for days after the con ended. Players were split into teams after the adventure began, played separately for a short time, and then returned to one table to complete the adventure together.

    Red Moon Medicine Show ran a scenario of their new story-telling game, Don’t Walk in Winter Wood, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the players. The game’s unique third-person narrative story-telling style was both fun and challenging for the players.
  • Wine and Catan
    The Friday night wine-tasting had plenty of attendees, and was a lot of fun. Following the wine-tasting, two Settlers of Catan games were played. BobCon attendees agree that the game is excellent on its own, but the experience is enhanced with wine.
  • Farmers’ Market Cook-Off
    The BobCon kitchen was busy Saturday as the Farmers’ Market Cook-Off participants were preparing their dishes. That night, attendees got to sample the various dishes and vote on their favorite. Sheri Justice won the event with her delicious apple crisp.
  • First Robotics Demonstration
    Members of a local robotics team came and demonstrated how their robots run through an obstacle course. The team competes in a robotics league with a number of area schools. What a great way to inspire young minds and develop an interest in this area!

BobCon Event Photos

If you took photos (either with your digital camera or phone), we would love to see them. Feel free to post them to our Facebook page.

Final Thoughts

The BobCon Council would like to thank everyone who helped out, ran an event, or played in a game. BobCon continues to offer a fun weekend filled with all of our favorite games, and we look forward to next year’s convention.

Speaking of which, BobCon 2012 will be held at The Coves Clubhouse again on 9/28 - 9/30, 2011. We hope to see you there!