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BobCon 2011Just two weeks until BobCon 2011!
September 30, October 1 & 2

We are only a couple weeks away from BobCon and Event Registration is a bit sparse. Whether this is because there is plenty of time or because there are not enough events to interest people, I am not sure. If you are just waiting to see what presents itself, remember, you can always add/drop events from your schedule. If you simply do not see events of interest, you still have until this Friday, September 16, to submit an Event Request.

Event Registration 101

There are a few key things everyone should know about Event Registration. Hopefully these will help you jump into some of the cool events we have available this year.

  • Create an account once – Once you create an account (and click the link on the confirmation email to activate), you are good to go – for years to come.
  • You should register for your own event – unless you are not planning to play (i.e. your are the GM for an RPG or you are teaching).
  • Don't hesitate to be an alternate – if a board game fills up and we have another copy, a second game can be run. Plus, sometime people are just unable to play in a game for which they registered.
  • Modify your schedule – you can add or drop events all they way up untilSeptember 28, the Wednesday before BobCon.

Relax, Socialize and Have Fun

BobCon is about getting together with friends and having a good time. THAT IS ITS PURPOSE. We know that everyone's schedule is hectic. There are kid's sporting events/tournaments, school activities, weddings, RenFest, etc. We hold BobCon because many of us simply cannot take the time to go off to a convention. This is local (for most) and laid back. It gives us an opportunity to see friends. Please consider coming even if it is only for one evening during your busy weekend. After a long day at a tournament, it might be nice to relax with friends. We definitely want to see you. And do NOT feel that money is an issue, we will not turn away anyone if they can't pay or it just doen't make sense for them to (they are coming by to socialize). WE WANT YOU THERE!