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BobCon 2010 Wrap-Up

Overall, the convention was a success. The exit poll indicated that a good time was had by all and a whole lot of games were played. Many of the games sent by AEG, Mayfair, Rio Grande and Fantasy Flight got good reviews by the players and a couple were played multiple times. Another indiciation of the Con's success was that we were able to cover all of our expenses – and have a little bit left over to put towards next year's event!


Event Highlights

The Return of the Bad Batch

The battle cries of the Gingerbread Men rang throughout the clubhouse Sunday morning as the cookie heroes rush from one encounter to another, putting a stop to the Bad Batch.

The Return of the Bad Batch was one of the highlights of this year's BobCon. The kids got to decorate their cookies with various candy "powers" and went to confront the evil cookies, The Bad Batch. There was dancing, cookie tossing and more. They good cookies won the day by using their green M&M powers to befriend the opposing cookies (though one of the candy fireballs was used before the final cookie was captured). Every child, and young adult, who participated had a great time.


Another hit at BobCon this year was the game Thunderstone. This is a fantasy deck-building game by AEG and got a ton of play over the weekend. It was not one of the games provided by the company, but just something one of the attendees brought to share (all the way from San Francisco).


As is tradition at BobCon, the two Saturday night RPGs will once again go down in infamy. Midway through the evening they combined into a single game with players from both games on opposing sides. The interactions were both surprising and entertaining. Brad Warriner and Jon Spinner worked together to create and run this awesome event, and it will be rememebred!

Wine and Catan

The Friday night Wine Tasting had a record turnout this year. A dozen people participated in the sharing of wine and appetizers. The den area of the clubhouse turned out to be the perfect venue for this social event. Following the wine tasting was the annual Settlers of Catan event. This year BobCon hosted a Regional Qualifier for the North American Catan Championship. Kelly Gilbert was the force to be reckoned with this year as she claimed the BobCon title.

Farmer's Market Cook-Off

The Farmer's Market Cook-Off was a huge success again this year. Saturday night all of the convention attendees got to feast on the wonderful dishes and vote for their favorites, such as roasted potatoes, elk stew, hummus and more. This year, Janet Iliff won for her world famous Apple Crisp!

Final Thoughts

We had a great turnout and a lot of fun! Thanks to all of the attendees for helping us to have such an enjoyable event. the only thing missing was those of you who were unable to come. Maybe next year.

Speaking of which, we hope to be sending out surveys within the next week or two. Please take a few moments to answer them honestly. It will give us feedback on this year's convention and help us to plan for the changes we need to make next year's event even better. Whether you attended or not, we want your opinions.

BobCon 2010 Event Photos

We want your photos from this year's event! Whether they were taken by your phone or your digital camera, collecting your BobCon photos into one place would be awesome (and would help us be able to display some of them on the website).

If you would go to our BobCon Uploads section of our website site (http://www.bobcon.org/uploads) and upload your images, it would be a great help to us. This is an easy way to get us your shots. If possible, please zip or stuff your files before sending, and include your name in the filename (e.g. photos2010_bob_iliff.zip); this will help prevent someone elses files from being overwritten by yours.

Thanks again for participating. We look forward to hosting next year's BobCon (and maybe even an interim event).
--The BobCon Staff